Jason Hogan is currently serving a 77 year sentence for Aggravated Robbery and 2nd Degree Kidnapping, an offense that he did not commit.  An offense of which he is Actually Innocent. The case against Mr. Hogan is a case of true misidentification.  His entire conviction rests solely upon a single person’s eye-witness testimony, as there is no actual physical or forensic evidence that links Mr. Hogan to this offense.  However, some context is necessary in order to understand how Mr. Hogan was put in the position to be named as a suspect in the first place. On March 7, 2000, Mr. Hogan was arrested on federal bank robbery charges. It was a reprehensible offense, one in which, unfortunately, Mr. Hogan did commit.  Mr. Hogan plead guilty to this offense and was subsequently sentenced to 190 months in federal prison where he served 14 years. Kirsten Ann Nelson, the investigator who had arrested Mr. Hogan for bank robbery, arbitrarily pinned this additional robbery on him.  In an effort to pressure Mr. Hogan into testifying against his co-defendant in the federal bank robbery, Deputy Nelson made the decision to implicate Mr. Hogan based on a local, Channel 2 news report describing an aggravated robbery/kidnapping in which the suspect was described as a tall, thin white male, age 17-20.  Investigator Nelson alleged that the description given in the news report matched Mr. Hogan’s at the time of arrest.  (Note: Investigator Nelson was forced to resign for tampering with evidence in an unrelated case.) The fact that Mr. Hogan was already in custody for bank robbery created significant bias on the side of law enforcement and, as a result, all focus was immediately placed on him as the only suspect.  It was this bias that caused police to stop investigating the crime altogether.  The State failed to admit a single piece of physical evidence, failed to collect and preserve any evidence that would effectively exonerate Mr. Hogan.  Evidence that was readily apparent and available, yet because of another officers bias, was never collected. Please take the time to examine all the facts presented throughout this site and help us shine some light on the grave injustice that has been done against Mr. Hogan.  Mr. Hogan has been found guilty and sentenced to 77 years to be run consecutive to his federal sentence, bringing his total sentence to 93 years.  Review the facts, sign the petition, be a part of the change that is needed with out justice system.  Please help free Jason Hogan from this wrongful conviction.
Jason Hogan - Misidentification Leads to 77 Year Prison Sentence
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Jason Hogan

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Actually innocent

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